Britton Price

Britton Price is a lift company with a genuine difference. We are an independent company that designs, installs and maintains lifts and lifting equipment. Large enough to provide an efficient service, but unlike some of our larger competitors, we have the flexibility to respond to individual needs.

Our lift expertise is within Care Homes, Housing Associations, Universities and Schools and we have developed a range of bespoke Passenger lifts and Platform lifts with Turnkey contracts, offering our customers a complete installation service.

The latest addition to the range of lifts supplied by Britton Price is the EMI-Lift ®. A unique lift specifically designed for use by those living with cognitive impairment. The fundamental changes incorporated within the design, address the symptoms of old age and dementia such as imparied mobility, vision and hearing, therefore increasing the users feeling of safety and security.

Modernisation packages available for all types of lift including Chain lifts are individually tailored to meet the needs of our customers, breathing extra life into tired old lifts for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

To complete our range of lifting solutions Britton Price also provide a range of Stairlifts and Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts and boast an online shopping facility on their One Stop Shop website for smaller lifting equipment including Hoists, Slings, Standaids and Baths.


X-IM Lift

Passenger Lift Solutions

Britton Price specialises in providing solutions for existing lifts and lift shafts where conventional lift installations are not suitable. Our range of innovative lift products allow us to provide an answer to difficult passenger lift problems.


Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts

Platform step lifts have been developed as an economic access solution where there are changes in level of up to 1 metre. Available with optional bridging units to cover existing steps these lifts are suitable for both internal and external applications.



Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts

Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts are suitable for either straight or curved stairs. This is a practical solution for buildings where a conventional passenger lift is not an option.

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